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Real Estate and Multi Family Homes


In recent years the real estate industry at Manausa.com has seen a decrease in the number of individuals interested in multi family homes. This should be coming to an end as millenials are becoming homeowners. This means a new surge in families looking to buy homes is finally beginning to happen.


So why are millenials now considering these kind of homes when the option of single family living is still available and more common?


A leading reason for this can be due to the fact that this group of homebuyers are finally financial sound and stable. They can use these properties as a new source of income, which is great for the real estate industry at Manausa.com. They can use the additional properties as rentals or vacation homes. Pay attention to the rise in multi family homes because there's big profit to be made.


These multi family homes are usually sold with the same price tags as single family homes which include the same features. This is another key reason why millenials are attracted to, and look forward, to buying this type of property. The more features these multi family homes have the more money they sell for. This also means the more money they can be rented to tenants.


The most recent studies suggest that millenials have improved their spending habits. They tend to follow value and buy what is more beneficial for them in the long term. This also means they have many more options from which that buyer can choose from.


There are many types of multi family properties. There are duplex type properties and condo style type of properties. Condos tend to be more expensive than duplex styles. Condo styles do tend to be a better fit when it comes to security.


Millenials know how it's incredibly important it is to be close to the busy areas of the community. Which means condos and duplexes closer to the center of town are what they'll be looking for. There is high demand for the multi family home in busy areas in town. Make sure to show clients places near restaurants, entertainment hubs and lifestyle districts.


Students should also be considered when buying multi family properties. They like saving money and living frugal so sharing the expenses with an additional family or student might be a good option. Show these students condos or duplexes near colleges and universities. The students who graduate can then rent the condo or duplex to other students and turn their property into a profit. These multi family properties are great options for most millenials and students. Make sure you consider them an option for all younger clients.